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What Is an XML Sitemap | Why XML Sitemap Important For Your Website SEO?

What Is an XML Sitemap

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You want to get index your website in the search results. Right?

But, Do you have any idea about XML sitemap and how much it is important for SEO?

If you want to learn about, What is XML and its importance for SEO.

Then, make sure read this article till the end….

At end of the article, I’ve shared Advance tip to increase your website crawling rate. This will help improve your SERP's.

First Let’s understand,

What is XML Sitemap?

XML sitemap is the way to tell google that crawl your website.

Generally, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. And as name shows “Sitemap” means map of your website or blog.

As we set proper navigation to make it easier for our users to find things on our website.

XML sitemap help google to understand your website structure and important pages, categories, archives etc.

Why XML Sitemap important for SEO?

Actually sitemap is not only important its mandatory to do. If you are using sitemap then how search engines will find your website content.

Let me show you importance of XML Sitemap for SEO:

Helpful To Understand Structure:

Google and seo guru’s are continuously saying, a good website structure can help you to increase your SERP’s ranking.

Let says, you structured your website in good way but how will tell you this to google.

The best way to do this is, submit your website sitemap in the search console.

It’s very easy.

Helps in Finding Duplicate Content, Crawling & Indexing:

Duplicate Content, Crawling and indexing issues are faced by almost every website owner at least one time.

I know you can resolve it but before resolving you should have the idea. What’s the exact problem?

When you submit your sitemap in the search console. This helps you to find the all kind of your website issue that your website is facing.

Increase Crawling Rate:

Google documentation says, sitemaps are important for big websites that have unstructured links and too much archives. For a small website some external links are enough.

If we are aren’t publishing content like news websites but using xml sitemaps to show our website structure to Google.

Then its help us to increase our website crawling rate and that actually help us in ranking.

These are only few importance. I have shared with you about XML sitemap. There are lot’s more.

At end, I will say you create your website xml site and submit in search console.

Oh no!

I forget to guide you, how to create and submit your website xml sitemap.

Ok! No Worry.

I will guide you right now.

How To Create Your Website XML Sitemap?

Guys, there is no rocket science to create any website xml sitemap. If you are using CMS like WordPress then it get quite more easy.

Right now! I will guide, how you can create your website xml sitemap on WordPress:

If you are using wordpress then you would be hard about a plugin called Yoast SEO.

Basically, this plugin help you in On-Page seo but also help you create xml sitemap.

If you haven’t installed and activated this plugin then go right now, install and activate it.

It’s free to use. Don’t worry about money.

After installing and activating Yoast SEO. Simply on the right side of your website dashboard click on >SEO > General.

After that click on see the XML sitemap.

A new window will open and the url will look like as given in above picture.

Now it’s time to submit your website xml sitemap in the search console.

Let me help you to take your website xml sitemap in the search console.

Steps to add your website sitemap in search console:

Simply visit the official website of search console.

Login in your property.

Right side of screen, click on sitemaps and there a option to fill your website sitemap.

Look below picture:

Fill you sitemap in the section of Add a sitemap. You can get your website xml sitemap.

By typing in the search bar — (replace with your domain)

sitemap.xml is your sitemap. Copy it and past it in the, add a sitemap area.

And click submit. It will take few hours or sometimes take a day to fetch your website properly in the search engine.

If it will find any error in your website. It will show you if will not find any error.

Then, you will get to see a message that will be your sitemap is fetched in the google.

That's it! This is the very simple way to add your website in the search results.

Advance Tip To Increase Your Website Crawling Rate:

I know, you all want to know. How you can increase your website crawling rate.

It's very helpful to tell Google about your new content update, new backlinks and also about your new post.

So the tip is,

INTER LINKING” many bloggers underestimate the power of interlinking but you don't repeat this.

Interlink your new post and updated article with your already ranked or already indexed article.

By doing this, you will not only increase your website crawling rate but also help your to increase your SERP’s ranking.

Even google says, Inter linking help crawling bots to understand about you website content and Content category.

One more thing, don't interlink those words that actually don't make any sense.

Final Words

Guys, SEO is very important for every website. You all guys know it very well.

But, it’s very hard to get results on your website by doing SEO practice.

To achieve that results you have to out lots of hard work and have to follow all the ranking factors of Google.

Sitemaps are the one the most important things. You always have to consider in your mind while making any website.

If you can’t guide Google about your content, about your website structure. Then there is no benefits of putting tons of Content.

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